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“Where Quality and Craftsmanship Come Together To Produce Exceptional Millwork”

-North Forty's Vision Statement

At North Forty, we pride ourselves on fabricating and installing high quality millwork. We are members of the Saskatchewan Chapter of AWMAC (Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada) which sets out minimum standards for the manufacturing and installation of architectural woodwork.  Our millwork meets and exceeds these standards.

We believe in providing a quality product, built to last.  Our cabinets and drawer boxes, for example, are fabricated with 19mm and 16mm thick material (respectively), which exceeds industry standards.  We also use the best quality hardware, including KV drawer slides and Blum hinges, to ensure our product stands the test of time.

When fabricating and installing solid wood projects, North Forty understands the need for precision and attention to detail.  Our team is highly skilled in the fabrication and installation of solid wood material such as wood columns, crown molding and wall panelling.  North Forty has received two awards for our expertise in solid wood projects:

     1.     The 2016 Architectural Heritage Award for Rehabilitation and Sympathetic New Construction      (Swift Current Court House)

     2.     The 2016 Architectural Heritage Award for Long Term Stewardship of a Heritage Property                (Swift Current Court House)

The entire team at North Forty works collectively to fabricate high quality custom millwork that is sure to impress.

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